Gas prices are on the rise according to @AAA_WCNY. The price per gallon is now $3.70 up eight cents from last week and $1.05 more than it was a year ago.

And with the cold weather, the general rule of thumb is to have AT LEAST a half tank of gas in your ride at all times.

 And if you do not have the luxury of keeping your ride in a garage, waking up to a frozen vehicle is no fun, and most people tend to start them up while cleaning off the snow and chipping through the ice. By the way, it is illegal to have your vehicle running if it is unattended more HERE.

But because gas is definitely on the rise the Environmental Protection Agency has some facts along with some tips on how you can conserve what you already have in the tank.

WGRZ reports that Eric Robertson, a driving instructor for 24 years, now an instructor at Old National Road Driving Institute, said bad habits can kill your tank quickly.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Most of the advice given is to lay off the gas pedal. And that has to do with time management. Give yourself enough time to get to where you need to be. Speed truly does deplete your petroleum reserves. On the highway maintaining a constant speed is better than speeding up and slowing down. Also, snow, slush, ice is click. Why would anyone think they can cruise on the covered roadways like they are on dry pavement?

EASY DOES IT: Another tip is to roll up to (NOT THROUGH) a STOP sign. This helps you regulate your speed by decreasing it gradually. The same with restarting. Gradually start to accelerate instead of gunning it to get back up to speed. If you give your passengers whiplash when you stop or start there is a good chance you are being to hard on both pedals.

UNDER PRESSURE: Tire pressure and oil quality also make a difference. Do not wait for the light to go on. What is the weight of your ride? I know we do need to carry certain things for Westen New York winters, CLICK HERE for that, but if you still have things you took to the beach in your trunk, you may want to take it out.

So there you have it. Time management, do not rush to get where you need to be. Try not to stop and start but gradually gain momentum. Kick the tires and keep your motor clean. And lastly, put your ride on a diet. Take the junk out of the trunk. Happy driving out there.

And if you want to get the most gas for your cash, CLICK HERE to see where you can pay the lowest prices at the pump.

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