It's winter time in Buffalo, which means three things; cold, windy and lots of snow! With the blizzard like weather headed our way, here's some helpful tips to get you prepared...

It seems like at this point with the winters here in WNY, preparing for a storm should come natural, however, there's more to it than just grabbing milk, bread and a six pack. Winter weather can be dangerous, WKBW spoke with experts and shared some safety and preparedness tips to get you ready for whatever mother nature has coming our way.

1.Winterize your vehicle:

  • make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Always have a full tank of gas
  • Pack kitty litter/salt in your trunk in case of getting stuck
  • Keep a bag full of essentials including warm clothes, non-perishable foods, flashlights, etc. in your vehicle

2. Prep your house:

  • Leave cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate around pipes
  • Let water drip from your faucets to prevent frozen pipes
  • Set your thermostat to the same temperature both day and night

3. Make sure your cell phone is charged and a backup charger, preferably battery operated, is readily available.

4. Create a list of friends, family and neighbors to contact throughout the storm.

5. Don't forget to bring your pets inside!

6. Create and or update an emergency kit:

  • Pack a kit that you can take with you
  • Include things like water, food, hand-crank radio, medicine, emergency blanket

7. Know important health signs:

  • Don't stay outside longer than necessary
  • Make sure you bundle up if going outside is necessary

Stay safe this winter! Make sure you follow and share these tips!




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