This Dad represents so many Bills, and NFL, fans across the country.

People get into football, even when watching at home. So much so that they get loud, angry, and sometimes even violent when things don't go their team's way. This is no exception for Buffalo Bills fans. In fact, if we're being honest and looking in the mirror, MANY of us are a little too much at times. Take, for example, this guy, who clearly went overboard when the Bills lost a game.

A WARNING: The following videos contain bad language.

That's not a good way to act, especially in front of kids.

Of course, let's be honest with ourselves Bills Mafia: too many of us are guilty of similar things. When the Bills lose it doesn't just make us mad for a minute. It can ruin a week. It can end marriages (literally). It can cause calls to the police. Should it? NO OF COURSE NOT. It's a game played by people who make WAY too much money.

It's also what we, and so many others, love SO MUCH. It is what it is, as they say. We can sit here and try to rationalize and demean the bad behavior but we have all done it. Maybe not like this guy above, though. More like this Dad on TikTok.

Hilarious Video Of Dad Watching The Bills In Western New York

Now this guy is more like most of us watching the Bills on gameday. Is he calm? No, nor should he be. The Refs are killing us! Well, except maybe against the Chiefs. Sucks to be them. His daughter took a video of him watching the Bills vs. Eagles game just to show how into the game he is, and he is all of us. Or at least many of us.


Putting aside the bad language there is something wholesome about him, isn't there? Mom is right there with him. The dog. This is what MOST Bills fans probably act like on game day and it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

How are you on game day? Send me a video: @WeAreBuffaloWNY on socials.

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