The Bills starting Tight End Dawson Knox had a breakout season in 2021.  Despite that, there have been rumblings that the team is interested in Amherst native and former Patriot Rob Gronkowski. But, there is another Tight End out there that Bills Mafia has fallen head over heels for.

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The NFL Scouting Combine, or as some call it 'The Underwear Olympics'  is underway this week in Indianapolis.  The nation's top college players will be showcasing their skills for potential future employers in the NFL.  And before the actual workouts have even started, there is one player that has captured the hearts of Bills Mafia.

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Former Ohio State Tight End Jeremy Ruckert held his session with the media on Wednesday, and his comments immediately had ears burning here in Western New York. The Long Island native mentioned in his presser that he is a fan of watching Bills QB Josh Allen because of the way he plays like a Tight End.  But, he truly made his way into the hearts of Bills Mafia, when he was quick to note that the Buffalo Bills are the only NFL team in New York.

The love of Ruckert sprung up overnight across Bills Country.

Founder of 26 Shirts and co-founder of #BillsMafia Del Reid joined in the love fest.

And the Bills Mafia was quick to note how the tide has turned at the combine after the 17 long years that we don't like to talk about.

Even those that bleed Michigan Blue, can root for a former Buckeye when the Bills Mafia is involved.

Ruckert is projected to be a day two pick (2nd & 3rd rounds) in the upcoming NFL draft.  Do the Bills need to invest an early pick in a position that is already solid on the roster? Probably not.  But this guy would be welcomed into the Bills Mafia with open arms.

One.  Of.  Us.

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