A Buffalo Bills legend gave a simple stat to show why Josh Allen should have been the NFL MVP over Lamar Jackson. Do you agree?

Another year, another letdown for Bills Mafia.

The Buffalo Bills had yet another season where they were eliminated in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. It was a frustrating result for fans, especially when they were a field goal away from tying the team that eliminated them, the eventual Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. However, and sorry to say Bills fan, the field goal went wide right. The entire ordeal was another addition to the pile of heartbreak Buffalo fans have experienced.

Unsurprisingly to them, their all-world Quarterback, Josh Allen, also failed to win the MVP award, losing to a deserving Lamar Jackson. While Bills fans feel Josh deserved it over Lamar, which may be the case we'll dig into in a moment, there's no doubt Jackson is also an all-world quarterback as well.

To add even more salt to the wound (for some anyway) Damar Hamlin, who came back to play after dying on the field last season, lost out on comeback player of the year to Joe Flacco.

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Buffalo Bills Legend Makes Simple MVP Case For Josh Allen

Steve Tasker was a 5-time first-team all-pro, 7-time Pro Bowler, and the only special teams player to ever win Pro Bowl MVP. He was so good at special teams that his number was retired and put up on the Bills' wall of fame. There are several campaigns to enter him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well. Tasker serves as a broadcaster now for the Buffalo Bills.

He has made several arguments as to why Josh Allen should have been the MVP over Lamar Jackson, but his most recent came as a Tweet that caused both positive and negative reactions.

A lot of Bills fans know this team is nowhere without Josh Allen. The disrespect he receives around the league is from bitter broadcasters and pundits who wrongly predicted his abilities coming out of the NFL Draft and refuse to take the L and be humble. That does not mean he should have won the MVP award, mind you. It's just yet another frustration for Bills Mafia.

Tasker received both positive and negative responses to this Tweet.

Those are a handful of the responses.

I think Josh should have at least 1 MVP by now and there is a bias against him based on sports pundits' bitterness of predicting him a bust and having it not come true. Manning, Brady, Favre, and several of the all-time great quarterbacks had more interceptions than Josh in their first 6 years and no one ever destroyed them as "turnover machines."

That doesn't mean Lamar didn't deserve it, though. We watch all the Bills games, not all the Ravens games. It's the narratives around Allen that make Bills fans bitter, not losing the MVP, in my opinion.

What do you think?

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