Before having children, you are probably very used to what the cost of going out to dinner is going to be for you and your significant other.  You can probably predict down to the dollar what it’s going to cost you.  But things change once you have a kid.  “Just another mouth to feed”.  We’re sure that at some point you’ve heard this phrase when it comes to adding a child into the mix of your family.  No disrespect to all of the kids out there, but when it comes to feeding our little ones, it throws a whole new wrinkle into your meal planning, whether eating at home or dining out.  And when it comes to eating out, the phrase is very true.

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Personally, I used to like to guess the exact cost of the bill before it was brought to the table, and when I would be within a dollar of the exact price, my wife would usually say “OK Rainman…”.  But if you are like me, the first time you take your little one out to dinner and realize that the cost of another meal is going to get added to every check from here on out, you may start to seek out alternatives to save a few bucks when you go out to eat

Some places will charge you $9.99 for a kid’s meal, which seems a bit high, and let’s face it can add up real quick if you got out to eat more than a couple of nights a week.

So, I did some digging and found 10 places here in Western New York, that offer up free, or deeply discounted kid’s meals.  Some are every day, and some on specific days.  But when it comes to another mouth to feed, saving a buck is a win-win!

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