You know those days where you just a party or a lot going on that weekend and you have a little more garbage than usual? Maybe you finally did some Spring cleaning and have an extra garbage bag that needs to sit outside of the bin this week? Or maybe you have four or five kids and typically go through a lot of garbage week in and week out.

Some are not happy about the new rule that will change in the Town of Lancaster


The new rule would allow only once a month you have an 'extra' garbage bag that does not fit into your new tote. If you have more than one week that has garbage bags that will not fit into your tote, you're going to have to pay--$5 per bag.

In order to have the garbage folks take it from your curb you have to go to the town and get yellow stickers which cost five bucks a piece and put them on the bag letting them know that you paid.


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