Music is special. I do not care what type of music you are into, all music any genre, from any artist or band is special. Music is personal and that is what makes it so great. One song can mean two different things between two different people.

No matter what genre, artist, or band, music touches everyone in one way, shape, or form.

How do you take your music? Do you listen to it on the internet? Are you still old school and rely on CDs, cassette tapes, or even better yet records? Well. if you are like the sound and warmth of listening to music on vinyl, be prepared to pony up more money.

WKBW reports that the price to spin the 'platters that matter' is going up (just like everything else).

Revolver Records, which represents records shops in Williamsville, Buffalo, and the Elmwood Village - reported supply shortages along with increased demand.


The supply they are referring to is vinyl. The main component is used to make records. Now the price increase will only affect new releases from artists that want their music in a record format. Obviously, vintage records that are already pressed will be sold at the dealer's discretion.

According to reports the top artists that are selling their music on vinyl are Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, and Billie Eilish. They are reaching a whole new generation that doesn't even know what a cassette tape or CD is.

I love my records, I remember going to Cavages and Record Theater to check out the latest releases. My dad always thought buying the record was always better because once technology caught up, you were able to record the vinyl on cassette giving you two copies of the same thing. Brilliant!

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