Who doesn't love free stuff? I'll be honest, it can be almost anything and I would take it if it's free, and one of our favorite stores will be giving away free stuff next week and a whole lot of it, too.

WKBW is reporting that Lowe's will be giving away 500,000 saplings on April 22nd. Why April 22nd? Well, that's Earth Day!

Lowe's is having a promotion the entire month of April called Springfest, which will feature a giveaway for Garden-to-Go project kits every Thursday. The sapling giveaway will be next Thursday.

Unfortunately, you can't just go to Lowe's and say, "I want one." You'll have to register ahead of time at Lowe's website here.

If you're wondering what the giveaway with be on April 29th, the last day of Lowe's Springfest promotion, it will be a Butterfly House...which is pretty cool.

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I was just at Lowe's two weeks ago and man, I missed going in there. Seriously, you could get lost for hours getting stuff for a home project and it doesn't even have to be something you need to build or put together...that's how lost I get when I go in there!

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