LCpl Aaron Swanson died in 2011 in Afghanistan while fighting in our United States Marines.  Soon, A stretch of State Route 390 through Lakewood will be known as the Lance Corporal Aaron M. Swanson Memorial Highway.

There is never a way to say thank you to a soldier who pays the ultimate price for his country or to his family but we should never stop trying to honor them.

LCpl Swanson was originally from Jamestown. He was a 2007 graduate from Southwestern High School and joined the marines 2 years later. According to WIVB, he died Feb. 7, 2011 while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan.

When you drive through Chautauqua County on Route 390 through Lakewood, keep an eye out for the stretch of highway named after this brave soldier.  Then remember the sacrifices made by him and his family.



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