There are a lot of fast-food restaurants in New York State. How could this Buffalo-only chain be the best one?

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Mighty Taco is an American fast food take on Mexican. Let’s be clear: it’s not fancy. There’s nothing about this place that will make you give it a Michelin Star. It’s fast food. FAST. Which means there’s a drive-thru required and it’s assembled on a line. So no, Chipotle and any place you can only walk into doesn’t count here. Nothing against them, just not their fight. 

Let’s also be clear that there’s nothing authentically “Mexican” about Mighty Taco. It’s a take on “tacos” and “burritos” with a literal SLICE of cheese in it. Delicious cheese, but it’s not traditional at all. This is a place that sells an egg roll stuffed with cheese and jalapenos. 

If you’re standard for fast food is high quality and fresh, you are living in a dreamland. Real fast food isn’t supposed to be actually amazing. Nothing about any fast food place is actually amazing. It’s better than a microwave meal and maybe better than you could cook. It’s fast and convenient. All of this is fine but fast food isn’t a culinary art. 

Still, not all are created equal. Most have one trick. A burger. A chicken sandwich. Something like that. Just because they aren’t culinary art doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable or not worth your time. You’re busy, stressed, and need something fast. That’s what makes them fantastic. 

So how is it, then, that Mighty Taco is the best in New York State? After all, it’s failed everywhere it’s gone outside of Buffalo and Western New York. There are even people in Buffalo who say Mighty Taco has gone downhill in recent years in quality. They also say it’s too expensive. 

Well, there’s really no objective reason why it is the best but here’s an argument for it: Name a place where you can get all of the following under one roof: a legit healthy meal, 4:20 meal, I’m drunk meal, I’m hungover meal, I want to eat my feelings meal, I have no idea what to get but this will work no matter what meal, a good vegan or vegetarian meal, a food challenge, and an actual beer (local too) all through a drive-thru, let alone in the store? 

Mighty Taco is all of this. It’s not a massive corporate chain, either. A Refreshing thing for fast food.  It’s locally and privately owned. They are fast, they actually are inexpensive, and they check every box for every diet. Plus, it is solid for fast food. It’s a heck of a lot better than Taco Bell and the bathroom visits you’re guaranteed to make minutes after consuming any of their stuff. 

This isn't a place with one thing, either. They have multiple go-tos. OK that’s not actually true it’s the same thing repackaged but it FEELS like they are different things and, to be fair, they have beer. Beer you can get in the drive-thru.  

It’s factually not expensive. A Mighty Beef Taco is $2.25. Chicken and Cheese Taco $1.99. Bean and cheese taco is $1.55. With $5 or $10 you get a lot of food. A lot more than other fast food places. Yeah, it’s not $.99 anymore and nothing is. Sucks but life.  

They hire people and have classically paid more than minimum wage, including now. Maybe you don’t care about that, but plenty of people who work and have worked for them do. 

They have ridiculous commercials. This has nothing to do with the quality of their food, but you have to appreciate the fact that they don't do what most places do.

For these reasons, in my opinion,  they are the best. People in other parts of New York just have failed to realize it. That’s their fault. Well, also Mighty’s because location, marketing, and other things do fall on them.  

A side note as well to my fellow Western New Yorkers saying mighty Taco has fallen off: you are traitors to your own and disgraceful. HOW has a fast food  “taco” gone downhill? From what? What pedestal was it on “back in the day” when things were apparently *so* much better? Oh, but they weren’t. You just hate everything about now. These are the same people who haven’t left the suburbs for downtown in 20 years and say Buffalo is dead and dangerous: you have no idea what you’re talking about. Have you had a Cruncher? The damn things give you a heart attack but my God I could eat 10 of them, have a coronary, and die happy. 

All seriousness: is Mighty Taco great? No, of course not. It’s prepackaged sort of not really Mexican food from a tube. Is fast food great? No, duh, the same sort of reasons too. In my opinion, though, it’s the best New York State has to offer simply based on how many types of diets and cravings it caters to, the tastiness of the food, and the price point. Also, I’m from Buffalo so I’m biased and I make no apologies for that. Go Bills. 

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