Ok...I realize there's a lot to unpack there in that headline.  Let's see if we can get all the facts out there.

As promised, police have been on the lookout for drunk drivers.  As the holidays get closer, lots of people often let their guards down a little and over do with when it comes to drinking at parties.  While doing something stupid at a party because you had a little too much to drink can be overlooked, getting in the car after too many can't be.

Now picture this....

You're a police officer hoping to keep the streets as safe as possible.  You see someone who appears to be driving impaired.  You pull them over and find that they are indeed impaired.  After conducting the interview and arresting the suspect you look in the back of their minivan to find not one, but two goats.  Well, you can't just impound the car and wait for someone to come pick it up.  Those are live animals and should be cared for.  So you call the suspect's wife to come pick up the animals in the back of her vehicle while the suspect goes through the process.

That's when you find out that the suspect and the wife don't actually own any goats.

Uh...ok...where did the goats come from?

So I guess if you're looking for a moral to the story, there are two:

The first is that you should never drive drunk.  Not only is it incredibly dangerous, it impacts more than just the person behind the wheel.

Secondly, if you are missing your two goats, they're being cared for by the West Seneca Police department...and they'd like to talk to you.


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