Why an incident that happened this weekend may spell the end of any hopes of the star wide-out coming to Buffalo.

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After recovering from a knee injury, all-star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is visiting teams around the NFL. He is a free agent and appears to be looking for a long-term deal with a winning franchise. The Buffalo Bills have been linked to him since the offseason, mainly by star edge rusher Von Miller who has constantly posted teases on social media about OBJ coming to Buffalo.

On paper, it's an intriguing idea. Aside from Stefon Diggs, the Bills have had no consistent production out of their receivers this season. Beckham would assumingly provide an instant upgrade opposite Diggs. There are some issues, though. The main being contractual. OBJ is allegedly looking for a long-term deal that would no doubt be lucrative. The Bills are not afraid to spend money where it makes sense, but have little cap space and, judging by their history, probably don't want to spend a lot on another superstar receiver when they already have one in Diggs.

Then there's what happened this weekend.

A lot of fans consider Beckham to be cancerous. This dates back to his time with the Giants and Browns: 2 organizations that didn't win a lot when he was with them. It's hard to know if that's actually true, but this will add fuel to their fire.

To be clear, he was not charged with anything but it did create a scene. According to the article:

American Airlines released a statement saying that a passenger had failed to follow crew member instructions and refused to fasten their seatbelt. Miami-Dade Police also released a separate statement saying the passenger appeared to be coming in and out of consciousness and he was identified as Beckham.

There's also a video of him being escorted off the plane:

All of his free-agent visits, including with the Bills, are still scheduled as of now. It will be interesting to see if this affects their interest in him. After all, OBJ could simply have taken an over-the-counter medication that made him act this way, which is understandable.

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