Make no mistake, there is one crucial thing that makes a great patio even greater. Sure service, drinks, food, and atmosphere play their part but without the weather and Mother Nature's corporation, the patio is just a wide-open desolate place to be when it is cold or raining.

That is why you should consider this YOUR Perfect Patio Public Service Announcement. By the way, if anyone reading this works for or knows anybody from STEP OUT BUFFALO, please let them know that I am always willing to 'assist' in covering any story they do regarding, bars, restaurants, food, ice cream places did I mention bars?

I recently had the pleasure of stopping into Mickey Rats (yes, Mickey Rats is now open) but for how long is still up for debate so like the crew for the television show Letterkenny would advise "Pitter-patter, let's get at 'er".

Now being at a great patio bar does not necessarily mean you need to be by the water. A good patio bar can be anywhere in any direction. Upfront, on the side, or behind any establishment. If you can feel the warm weather then you, my friend have a great patio.

So no matter if you hang out on the concrete or wood do not forget your SPF and sunglasses. And if you do choose to head to the beach please remember your self-awareness. Some of us really are better with shirts and baggy shorts on.


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