The nice weather will be here again and that means after a long and I do mean a long year of being stuck inside what better way to shake off the 'funk' than to get out to socialize outside? Making the most of the weather in Buffalo is what we do.

I mean we really try to live a full year in just 3-4 months. We all gravitate to all the farmer's markets, lawn fetes, fairs, and festivals and we all enjoy a great patio to spend our days, afternoon, evening, conversing with friends, family, and new acquaintances.

So as the weather heats up, the people at STEP OUT BUFFALO have all the information you need to cool off on some of the coolest patios in the area.


So, now is the time to take full advantage of being able to get out and hang out with other people because as we all know too well, it could change any moment. I would also like to give a special 'shout-out' to all the great people at Mickey Rats in Angola (see featured image). For over 10 years Mickey Rats Captain Kids was my second summer home. Every Sunday...'Sunday Funday' I would host beach parties getting to know the owner Richie Alberts and everybody in front of and behind the bar. I'll never forget having my 40th surprise birthday party there (I thought it was an intervention). My point is: Mickey Rats, as people will always know it, will be open for another summer, the last one. Stop out and say goodbye and have one last drink before the real "last call."


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