Wow. When you hear that over 800 kids have slept on the floor....or on the couch here in Western New York, it will break your heart. Even worse, those are the only ones that one amazing charity have gotten to so far. An amazing charity, Sleep in Heavenly Peace has stepped in to help kids in Western New York get a bed to sleep on at night.

It is something that we all make take for granted a lot, but there are kids out there that go to bed every night and are sleeping on the floor, or the couch, or anywhere but where they should ACTUALLY be sleeping. Jerry Sheldon, the President of the Buffalo chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, has made it his mission along with his wife, and two of their best friends, to change things.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace builds all of the beds and personally delivers these beds, with a mattress and covers, to the kids in need. The cost to the family and the kids receiving the beds is absolutely FREE.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is Clay and Company Cares Charity of the Week and honestly, they should be it every single week. Sheldon says that he receives over 85 requests per month for a kid who does not have one. Their goal is to get to over 1000 beds delivered by the end of the year.

Want to help out? Small donation? Maybe you have supplies? Maybe you can build or you can donate some brand new twin mattress covers? Here is more information and take a listen to Sheldon joining Clay and Company to hear how you can get involved, too.

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Their mission? All children deserve a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads. In Idaho and across the U.S., too many boys and girls go without a bed - or even a pillow - to sleep on. These children end up sleeping on couches, blankets, and even floors. This can affect their happiness and health.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Buffalo

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