Buffalo is one of the proudest communities in the United States. What do the people that live here think is overrated about it, though?

It's not meant to be negative, though it's easy to go there of course. Especially on Facebook. We asked what things in Western New York that its own people say are overrated, given too much credit, or not really that good.  This was a question put up on Facebook, as seen below.

Outsiders Chime In

Now, granted, there were many people who clearly are not from here, or moved away, chiming in with answers that were just silly. Like saying the BIlls are overrated. Please. Or saying the entire city is. To each their own, but doesn't it seem silly to hate where you live so much that you stay? Just a thought.

Still, though, there are things that are valid.  We expected certain food and restaurants and yes, they are here on our list. We also expected some political stuff which we pretty much ignored because you just can't win in those conversations. We narrowed it down to 18 that are either valid, interesting, or silly for you to debate and contemplate.

We certainly didn't get them ALL as there were HUNDREDS of comments, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the Facebook post above.

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Remember, too, if you read these and think people are too brutal or negative: some people have an ax to grind and that's OK. Buffalo is awesome. If you don't think so, something happened here that no one is going to fix for you. That doesn't make it bad here. Truth is Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors and an incredible place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

Now, here are the 18 Most Overrated Things In Buffalo, New York according to our Facebook followers.

18 Most Overrated Things in Buffalo, New York

18 things people in Buffalo and Western New York (and probably from beyond) believe are overrated in the City of Good Neighbors.

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