It's not official until you put it up on Facebook, right?

Whenever you see a couple that is expecting a child, you'll see their announcement on Facebook telling the world that they are pregnant. They have certainly gotten creative over the years. Now, social media is a great tool for spreading the word. After all, if there was no Facebook how would those distant friends find out that you were pregnant? Now a days you bump (no pun intended) into distant friends and if you didn't put it on Facebook they would say 'OMG I didn't even see it on Facebook!'

How did you announce pregnancies back in the day? Just the picture cards sent by mail?

Either way, you announce that there is a new chapter of your life with kids on the way....but, what about after they are gone! One couple this Fall finally had their last child leave for college, so they decided that they were going to do a photoshoot for their next stage of their life. It was a move that both poked fun at couples who announce all their big moments on Facebook as much as it was a photo shoot commemorating this time where they have no kids left in the house. Check out all 4 of the pictures below.

While the kids are away, the parents will play: After their children moved out, this couple had a full-on "Empty Nesters" photoshoot complete with signs and matching shirts', it said on the Instagram Post below.

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