Hey guys, I'll be out today looking for the craziest S.O.B's out there!! I want to see as much Green as you possibly can! Leprechauns please apply!... I'll be walking the streets, or just Delaware, with a picture frame looking for anyone willing to get crazy! Come find me please... I'll keep my eye out for the best of the best (so to speak). Here are a few website filled with awesome outfits to wear to show how Irish you want to be, or are.  I mean just because you're not Irish doesn't mean you wont be the best dressed there!

Costume Craze has some cool/sexy ideas for how to get Green Sunday

Buy Costumes.com has a similar costumes as Costume Craze. But, Hey, just more ideas.

And then it is always good to look back to last year and possibly around the country, say Denver? Check out Metro Mix Denver'sphotos from last year to see what other people came up with!

Obviously you can always find good ideas on Google Images... So simple right!!

Now get out quick and put something amazing together and find me! Ya, know the only girl out there carrying a larger picture frame and possibly a Jack FM shirt! Let's make you famous!

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