I had an epiphany one day watching the Sabres game and being a long-time, albeit frustrated Buffalo Sabres fan I wanted to share my revelation with all the other frustrated fans of the team.

Sure anyone can argue that you need talent. From the front office to the goal crease talent will take you far, but sometimes, most of the time, not that far.

Sure teams get lucky, opposition hits a post, a bad penalty is called on your team's behalf, the stray pass gets deflected into the other team's net. All good, all part of the game. But what if it is something as simple as the team's logo.

The reason the Sabres has never or will ever win is because of their logo.

Yes, the logo. The most recognizable brand in sports for any team is the logo and I am here to tell you the Sabres need to fix their iconic original logo, that is if they ever want to win a championship.

Hear me out, and amuse me for a minute or so. Let's take a little quiz.


What is the difference between the 3 logos?

 ANSWER: The last two are MOVING FORWARD!!! We read left to right always moving in a forward direction.

The original Sabres logo is moving in the wrong direction, BACKWARDS if you will.

This is a message that is being transmitted out to the Universe stating that the Buffalo Sabres will never advance because their mascot is running away from success NOT towards it.

I motion to start a petition to the Pegula’s to reverse the Sabres logo to face out to the right.

Getty Images
EXHIBIT 1: Original Sabres logo.

attachment-Sabres logo reversed

Who is with me!?!


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