I recently watched the latest action flick between two of the greatest movie monsters of all time "KING KONG v GODZILLA. And it definitely delivered on the action and the awesomeness of these to alpha animals. And even before the movie was released, there have been many articles written on who comparing the two Titans and who would really dominate over the other based on statistics. Well, that got me thinking, seeing as the first real major mascot holiday is here, or should I say hare? I wanted to compare The Easter Bunny to Santa Clause.

Okay, so this will not be as intense as KONG v GODZILLA and as far as I can tell there is no real ill will between the man in the red suit and the fluffy bunny. But each is unique in how they are treated and how they deliver their presents to every boy and girl.

Bearded Santa Claus showing double two horn sign with hands
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SANTA CLAUSE: First, Santa Clause is more popular. Seriously, think about it, there is no song called "I Saw Mommy Kissing The Easter Bunny." Santa has a wife, surrounds himself with elves, and travels with a pack of flying reindeer. However, Santa is judgemental. Naughty or Nice?  I mean who does this guy think he is? Oh right, he is the one delivering all of our requested gifts. It's no wonder children send him letters and leaves him milk and cookies. In return, Santa gives everyone what they requested. Wrapped up in pretty paper and all tied up with a nice bow and neatly stacked in one place, under the tree. Pretty proficient.

Easter Bunny
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THE EASTER BUNNY: The Bunny on the other hand hops solo. He is a loner and he really gets nothing in return from anyone.  Sure, he tries to use some of Santa's marketing techniques. Meet and Greets at the malls, but have you ever sat on the Easter Bunny's lap and requested a specific candy? I never once mentioned to him that orange chocolate was my favorite but yet I always got it in my basket. My mind was blown! Have you ever written the Easter Bunny? Probably not. And nobody ever leaves the Bunny food. That is why when Easter morning arrives, kids everywhere have to look for their eggs and baskets. It is a total passive-aggressive move on his part. If you do not show him any love he will make you search out and hunt for your spoils.

So in conclusion, both holiday icons offer themselves up to make our lives a little happier. So as you celebrate, not only Easter and Christmas, try making every day a celebration in trying to make at least one person you come into contact, feel special. Sometimes you do not even need candy or presents. Sometimes just a kind smile or a kind word can do the trick.



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