No, it is not the name of a cool new hipster band.

This is about soup and being quarantined for so long, that a few incredibly talented cooks, feeling the need to share their recipes will be competing for bragging rights and humiliation.

And the people who will benefit will be you and me for sure.

The friendly competition, between two friends, over soup, at JJ's Casa Di Pizza has a winner!

Both soups were delicious however in the end one soup prevailed

Congratulations to:

Sean Lewis, a self-proclaimed soup aficionado who hails from Deep South Taco.

Sean beat Michael 'Shooky' Ciesiulka, the head honcho at Casa.

How It Started:
One day, Mike and Sean were measuring soup ladles to see who had the better recipe to make Beef On Weck soup. Seeing as this is one argument that can't be solved by Google, they decided to put their spoons where their mouths are.

The Result:
"THE SOUP ON...SOUP OFF" competition.

The Criteria:
This will be a blind taste, blind ballot judging system. Soups will be judged based on taste (duh).

The Prize:
The winner will get bragging rights and probably free drinks in celebration.
The loser will have to get AND WEAR a monkey tail beard for 48 hours posting it up on social media. What is a monkey tail beard? It was described to me as when you shave one side of your face completely. The other side is a full beard where the beard then wraps around the wearer's mouth like how a monkey tail curls up.

Yeah, Mike and Sean sat around to set this all up and that is what they came up with.

So no matter how hot this soup competition gets, it all boils down to this.
Great tasting soup through a friendly competition to prove who can rock a ridiculous beard. And that person looks now to be Michael Shooky. Look for his new look coming to social media soon.

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