It was quite an eventful morning on Twitter for a few prominent Buffalo Bills players.

It all stems from a tweet that wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie had that showed an NFL letter sent to him, detailing how he was not wearing his mask at team facilities and that because he is unvaccinated, that violated NFL protocols. That caused McKenzie to be fined nearly $15,000.

Wide receiver Cole Beasley would add many tweets after that that once again showed how he is not vaccinated and made points towards those that disagree with his stance.

Stefon Diggs decided to join in and tweeted something that appears to poke fun at the fines his teammates got.

Beasley joked that $15,000 isn't a lot to Diggs.

I'm sure that's all in good fun between Diggs and Beasley, but many fans were not happy with the tweets Beasley and McKenzie made this morning and some are saying that it's now become a distraction from what should be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season.

The Buffalo Bills haven't spoken publicly yet on the matter, but head coach Sean McDermott will take to the media shortly and might discuss what McKenzie and Beasley shared on social media.

The Bills play the Green Bay Packers at 1 pm this Saturday at Highmark Stadium in the team's final preseason game of 2021.

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