It was nice while it lasted.

The sun was shining in Buffalo and it almost felt like we were given a bit of an early summer this past weekend. However, Mother Nature had something different in mind, and I think we all noticed that when our cars were covered with snow Wednesday morning.

(Seriously? How rude.)

I get that Buffalo has a reputation to uphold as one of the snowiest cities in the United States, but do we ever get a break?

I don’t know about you, but I already ran my snow blower dry of gas, so I think it’s time to at least start thinking ahead to warmer weather.

Are there any definite signs of consistent warm weather for Western New York? When do we know for sure that summer is upon us?

1. When The Flowers Come Up




Even if it does snow on the flowers, at least by then we know that it won't stick.

2. A Whole Week Of Temperatures Above 60


I guess we haven't had a full week yet.

3. Normally Bugs


4. Peepers in the Pond


5. Hummingbirds


6. Being In The Calendar's "Plant/Grow" Zone


7. 4th Of July Fireworks


8. When Construction Pops Up


9. Beginning Of The Erie County Fair


10. It's Not Summer Until June 1st


You would think that by now, Buffalo wouldn’t have to worry about snow. We are well into spring, and we’re breaking records with how much snow has fallen in Western New York?

Come onnnn.

News 4 Meteorologist, Mike Cejka, shared the news on Twitter about the new snow total record broken in Buffalo.

Cejka tweeted, “If it is going to snow on April 27, you might as well break a record. We did today.” 

As of 5:00 a.m. Wednesday at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, 1.2 inches of snow had fallen, which more than topped the previous record of snowfall in the history of April 27. The old record was set back in 1931 in Buffalo with just .2 inches of snow on April 27 of that year.

Well, maybe we can bank on July being snow-free…maybe. Though who’s to say that July is safe?

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