This week has been absolutely beautiful in Buffalo, with seven days of sunshine!

I know, I couldn’t believe it myself.

You know just as much as I do that Buffalo is never truly safe from snow, so even though the weather has been phenomenal the last few days, it almost feels too good to be true, right? The possibility of snow covering your freshly-mowed lawn is still hovering ahead, causing disbelief and paranoia just by subconsciously acknowledging the fact that it’s a sunny day in Buffalo.

Sunny does not dare to mean that it will not snow. Because it can, and we know that.

When it’s spring in Buffalo, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see an inch or two of snow during the season, but typically the likeliness that it will snow starts to taper off around the middle of April. 

“So we’re good now, right?”


Just because the odds of it snowing tend to decrease after mid-April does not mean that it won’t snow. Because it has. 

According to meteorologist Cristina Reis from Spectrum News, there have only been two instances when Buffalo did not have any kind of snowfall after the kick-off to spring on March 20. 

But if you remember from the weather forecast on Channel 2 WGRZ yesterday, meteorologist Patrick Hammer told us that it snowed .3 inches just two years ago on May 9, 2020.


So can you guarantee that this summer will be snow-free? It’s hard to say, especially when you think back to the legend of The Summer of 1816. It was a story passed down from generations, also called “The Year Without A Summer.” 

I’m sure you have heard the stories, but in case you haven’t…

“The Year Without A Summer” was the summer of 1816 and temperatures dropped suddenly and snow continued to fall. The legend has it that Lake Erie froze in May, crops died, people were in poverty, and it’s been called one of the worst natural disasters that not only Western New York has seen but also the entire world. 

It affected a lot of places across the United States, but it did a lot of damage to Buffalo and Western New York. 

There are reports, journals, and other historic artifacts from that summer in the Buffalo History Museum

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