In the aftermath of the Mass Shooting that happened in Buffalo a few weeks ago, there have been lots of community support and donations into the community in an attempt to help those who live in Buffalo's Kingsley Neighborhood who had been negatively impacted by the shooting.

Among the series of services and donations that have come into the area, there have been multiple free food distribution points that had been set up throughout the Jefferson Avenue Coordinator to help replace the food access that was lost because of the shooting. The Tops Markets on Jefferson is one of only 4 grocery stores that exist on Buffalo's East Side and is the only one within several square miles.

Donation and pick-up points had been set up at the Johnny B. Wiley Sports Pavilion on Jefferson Ave. and at the Resource Council of WNY on East Ferry St. In addition to these distribution points, there is also a free shuttle that will take people to another grocery store to do their shopping.

With all of the free food and resources, there also appears that there are some people who are taking advantage of the system and are reselling the food that is intended to be given out to the community for free.

According to officials from the CIty of BUffalo and multiple members of the community, there have been a few local food stores that have been accused of acquiring some of the free food and then putting the items on their shelves to be sold. These complaints aren't limited to food alone. There have also been reports of baby formula, diapers, and other toiletries. The general area is considered a food desert because of the lack of fresh and healthy food options.

Masten District Common Council Member Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr. is introducing a resolution in the City Legislature that would potentially make it illegal for stores to sell these items that were intended to be available for free.

If these allegations prove to be true, it is truly despicable and seriously beneath what we should expect in the City of Good Neighbors. If you have seen anything like this, please make sure you report what you find to the City of Buffalo.

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