The calendar is peppered with different holidays. Some are big and frankly, obvious ones, that seemingly everyone gets off from work (Thanksgiving, Christmas), while others are big in their own right but many still work on (St. Patrick's Day, Halloween).

But what about days that you don't get off from work, but you really should. I think there are many candidates across the country, however, there are some obvious ones here in Buffalo.

Think of them as "Buffalo, NY Holidays."

Sure, you could take these days off if you wanted too and some of them may fall next to recognized holidays, so it wouldn't be that difficult, but getting these days off as paid holidays would be glorious.

I always thought that the day after Halloween should be a day off from school for kids, or making every Halloween the last Saturday in October...but, that would not always fall on the designated Halloween holiday, which is October 31st.

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Back to Buffalo though, which days should we get off from work? True, blue Buffalo holidays?

Here are five of them.

5 Days All Buffalonians Should Get Off From Work

These should be Buffalo, NY holidays.

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