This member of the Bills Mafia decided to turn up some Rage Against the Machine and ROCK OUT.

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Who can blame him, really? You hear a song come on that just cuts to your core. Your head starts bangin'. It's a common occurrence when you hear Rage Against the Machine. Their music speaks to so many not just for the heavy nature of it, but the message too.

Clearly, for Nick Harrison, it spoke to him. He goes by MrProfessor318 on TikTok.

Nick is a teacher, radio host, and rock enthusiast who put this video on TikTok recently.

What's impressive is how it caught the attention of SO MANY PEOPLE. Nearly 500K views and counting. It's understandable. When you're scrolling through and this pops up for some reason you just are mesmerized by him. In a way, it's almost like 90s kids all saw this and suddenly remembered oh yeah... anger in music.

As Rage makes their way back in the spotlight (and visit Buffalo coming up, CLICK HERE) this is a reminder of how much they freakin' rock and how much we've missed them.

It doesn't stop with the views, either. People stitched this and joined in.

Pretty awesome.

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