There's a lot that has to go right for a new restaurant or a new location of a restaurant to be built in Buffalo. There can be pushback for a variety of reasons and that's the case for two fast-food chains that are looking to build new locations in the City of Buffalo.

The Buffalo News is reporting that the new proposed Chick-fil-A location in North Buffalo is facing pushback from Green Code advocates and the Buffalo Zoning Board of Appeals criticized the proposed new Chick-fil-A because it didn't meet Buffalo's goals of neighborhood, "walkability."

The same can be said for a proposed new Tim Horton's location on Niagara Street.

"We have an opportunity to make our city look less like Transit Road. We should take advantage of that," said Daniel Sack, a City of Buffalo resident.

According to The Buffalo News, the Zoning Board of Appeals has tabled the new Chick-fil-A location and already denied the new Tim Horton's location.

For now, the new Chick-fil-A in North Buffalo will not happen and a new Tim Horton's on Niagara Street looks like it's not happening at all.

Chick-fil-A's first Western New York location was on Walden in Cheektowaga and later built one at Transit and Losson in Cheektowaga. There's a proposed new one coming to Hamburg as well.

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