Last night's interview with former royalty Meghan Markle and Harry was filled with surprises, drama and hard conversations and people were given a rare glimpse of what it is like inside of the establishment....apparently.

And it was not good.

Meghan and Harry (for the record, Harry's full name is Henry Charles Albert David) touched on the pressures they felt, the lack of help and protection, the assumptions and the family ties that were cut since they decided to step back from the Royal Family. They start out by saying that they were just going to change roles to have less responsibility, but things became worse. Meghan Markle talks very candidly about her struggle with suicide, her in-laws and the tabloids in a very raw interview with Oprah.

But, when you have the Royal Family, the entire world is watching.

There was ONE thing that British people could not understand. It was so foreign to them.


People were actually concerned something was wrong with Americans because every other commercial seemed to be pushing a medication for this and a medication for that. Why are things so different?

In America, people seeking healthcare are considered patients not customers, like they are in the UK. According to,

You can advertise any over-the-counter medicine, general sales list and pharmacy medicines, to the general public. You can't advertise prescription-only medicines ( POMs ) to the general public but you can promote them to healthcare professionals and others who can prescribe or supply the product.


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