It's no secret that we pride ourselves here in Western New York on our food.  We are the birthplace of the chicken wing.  The home of Beef on Weck.  Our pierogi game is strong.  We have our own unique style of pizza.  Sponge candy is just delicious.  And we have some of the best donut shops around.

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But we saw a tweet the other day, of someone just eating a sub like a savage.  It made our insides crawl.  How could someone be so egregious when it comes to how they ate their sub.  And it got us thinking, that we needed to put together a handy guide of how NOT to eat our favorite foods here in Western New York.

1. This is NOT how you eat a Wegmans Sub:

Why?  Just why on earth would you do this to that glorious-looking submarine sandwich?  It just defies all logic...or does it?

Now, we're just confused.

2. This is NOT how you eat a slice of Pizza:

To quote the great Ty Webb, "This isn't Russia is it Danny?".  Pizza is a food that literally comes with an edible handle at the end.  Why would one start by eating the handle off?

3. This is NOT how you eat Wings:

We've seen this one before, and it makes a cry just a little on the inside.  A close runner-up is picking all of the meat of the wings with your fingers, and then eating it.  Barbaric!

4. This is NOT how you eat a Fish Fry:

(Note: Not a fish fry pictured, we know... But you get the idea.)

And we were just talking about picking things apart with your fingers.  Imagine trying this with a piping hot fish fry that was just delivered to your table.

5. This is NOT how you eat Mighty Taco:

Don't be a Nelly!  We're not sure if this concept would even be physically possible with a soft taco, but don't try it this way with a crunchy taco either. That stuff is saved for Scranton.

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