It was heartbreaking as the Bills lost to the Chiefs 38-24 to end their quest for the Superbowl and their 2020 season.

And although disappointing many great things did take place. From the national recognition of BILLS MAFIA to culinary creation inspired by the Bills colors. From red, white, and blue infused food and drink to signs erected for people to take selfies. Pets groomed in the team's colors along with tattoos inspired by the success of one team. Even for those who normally could care less about football or the Bills, it was hard NOT to get caught up in the frenzy that was Bills Fever.

Based on personal commitment and feelings for the Bills I have categorized three types of fans based on the team's colors:

RED Fan: They are the heart of the Bills Mafia. Jumping through tables and dousing themselves in the ketchup and mustard. Sporting tattoos of the team and a closet full of Zubaz. In the home, there are more pictures of Bills players than friends and family members. Passwords for every account has something to do with the team. These fans consider the years' from 1991-1994 the best times of their lives.
WHITE Fan: Most people fall into this realm of fandom. They like to see the team do well and will be first in line for a ride on the bandwagon but if the team is not doing well, their motto is: "Life goes on."
BLUE Fan: This set of people consider Bills things you pay once a month. No real interest in the team or football.

No matter what color you find yourself, it is hard to find a better fan base. Fans support charities, the community, and each other. So keep the faith store the folding table away and start the countdown for next year.


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