Whether you are a Golf pro, armature or beginner Park Golf is fun for the whole family.

First imagine a normal golf course, all the walking, the long par 5 courses, not to much fun unless you are an avid golf enthusiast.

Now imaging a mini-golf course, short, sweet simple putting fun. We all know that is where Happy Gilmore honed his golf skills at least.

Where is the middle? That is where Park Golf comes in. I went out and did a bit of Freeloading at Destroy Park Golf in Akron, NY to find out what this new fad was all about.

I didn't know what I was getting into and it was the first time intern Dailen ever held a club in his hands. Proof that Park Golf can be done by anybody. Watch the video below and check out the sweet deal at the end from seizethedeal.com or just click it now if you are too impatient.

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