Buffalo has received more than $100 million in funding. So what should Buffalo do with this unbelievable gift? Now any Buffalo Bills Mafia member will say "Donate to the state and Orchard Park to get a new stadium". Nice... but no. How about trying to get, oh what was that sporting goods store? Oh yeah, Bass Pro Shop. No thank you. Our waterfront has benefited by not having them come in. Can we help buy out Jack Eichel's contract from the Buffalo Sabres?

Well according to WGRZ, the newfound wealth will be spread out between community groups and community institutions like The Buffalo Zoo, Shea's, and Albright Knox. But if you live in Buffalo, like me, I have some other ideas.

Now, I am not a city planner, engineer, or scholar by any stretch of the imagination. But I live here, and I experience certain things that only people who live in their areas of life experience. Mine is living in B-Lo.

So there you go, my quick take on how to spend $100 million and solve all of Buffalo's problems in under 300 words. Be aware of the holes on the road because there are a lot of them. Some you drive over, others you drive next to.


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