It looks like New York State will start loosening its grip on the strict rules, conditions, and laws concerning marijuana possession and use. And if you have been curious or even interested in how to secure your legal license to start purchasing medicinal marijuana, hopefully, this article will not only enlighten you but will also give you some resources to educate yourself on the matter of maybe getting off pharmaceuticals and into the many other options marijuana offers. Most of the information and resources provided are coming from Cannabis Mentor.

Please consult your physician, which you will need to do anyways, before making any decisions on changing your treatment and prescribed medications.

So depending on what you currently are suffering from. Stress and anxiety, pain management or concentration and focus there is a good chance that there is a strain of medicinal marijuana that can help you through your current condition(s).  There are also different ways to ingest whatever it is you need. Edibles, vapes, drops, and good old fashion buds to smoke.

Based on there are basically three different categories that divide what medicinal marijuana can do for you.

Indica: This has a relaxing quality good for stress, inflammation, pain management, and anxiety issues.

Sativa: This has an energizing effect. It helps promote concentration and focus.

Hybrid: Combination of the two depending on what your condition is.

As with any alternative form of medication, you should always do your own research before deciding on a program to help control your condition. I hope this article enlightened and if not anything else, provided an alternative medical solution to whatever you are currently experiencing.

Stay healthy, stay happy.


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