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So recently I started back in the dating world and it got me thinking about first dates.  I have to ask why they sometimes have to be so boring.  I understand that you have to get to know somebody and now a day it’s more like a job interview then a date but why does it have to be boring like a movie or just plain old dinner.  If you’re looking for something fun to do how about one of these activities.


This weekend since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend the Niagara Wine Trail has a lot happening.  It’s the Be Mine event.  Why not get out of the house and try some amazing wine samples.  I love the Niagara Wine Trail.  There’s such a variety for everyone.  You can learn a lot about a person by their wine selection I swear.  This weekend is definitely for the hopeless romantic in all of us too!  Spend the weekend sampling some amazing wine paired with some fantastic chocolate.  With your ticket you’ll get tastings of 3 wines at each winery and a chocolate sample as well, and a commemorative wine glass as your starting winery. 

Another great adventure to break you out of the old boring dates is happening right over in Colden, NY.  It’s the Colden Tubing Company!  If you don’t ski or snowboard but want to try something outside this is definitely the thing to do.  I tried it for the first time this year and I have to say I LOVED it!  I always loved sledding so this was definitely a step up.  Plus they eliminated the hard part of walking up the hill which was even better.  You can grab a date or some friends and head out in your snow gear to go barreling head first down the hill.  Yes that’s right they even make you go head first is which is a huge adrenaline rush!  You’ll really get to know someone on a first date when you’re flying down the side of a hill!  The Colden Tubing Company is open Weekends. 

Finally why not satisfy the geek in all of us.  I love the history museum.  I’ve always liked learning about history and since I can’t head to Gettysburg every time I want to I’ll settle for our History Museum.  There is so much there to learn about that you’ll probably have to make several trips!  Right now you can pretend you’re Sheldon and Amy at the Museum because they have their exhibit called the Trains are Running happening now till the 22nd.  You’ll get to chance to meet the Rail Barons and view impressive train displays that includes 1900s replica model trains as well as a scale Erie Canal lock.  The best part of this display is they even have 100 miniature buildings portraying 19th Century buffalo and Western New York.  

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