You may have liked Cole Beasley, but did he like you? 

It has been five months since the Buffalo Bills released wide receiver Cole Beasley, and he only recently commented on the move.

Many suspected that Beasley may be released from the team, after seeing how the offense developed, considering Beasley’s age and the fact that the Bills will save $6 million against the 2022 salary cap.

Last spring, Beasley also was a strong social media advocate on his stance against the COVID-19 vaccine, which caused some controversy amongst fans.

Beasley remains a free agent at this time, even though the official NFL season is only weeks away.

Knowing that he is still trying to land a new team, you would think that Beasley would refrain from commenting on his exit publicly...but he still turned to Twitter to express his views on the Buffalo Bills organization. 

“I appreciate the fans who supported me. The most fun I’ve ever had playing football in Buffalo. My family and I will never forget the memories. Love all of my teammates there. I won’t regret leaving though. Things changed within the organization. It was time for me to move on.”

It was mostly positive, so that's a plus; however, some people shared the tweet, saying that it gave them “crazy ex” vibes.

In Beasley's little defense, people were tagging him in tweets, saying that he would regret not playing in Buffalo. But I think people are forgetting that Cole Beasley didn't really leave us, as one member of the Mafia pointed out.

A lot of people were thinking it, but Mike said it. 

Cole Beasley has yet to sign with another team, but maybe there’s another reason behind that. 

In recent months, it seems that Beasley has developed a new focus on creating music. 

In his song, “Real Sh*t”, Beasley raps these lyrics:

Is it possible, turning 30 with newer dreams?

I remember free styling while we would cruise the streets,

Imagine if I told him,
‘Dad, I want to be a rapper’

I could see his laughter”

Maybe Cole Beasley has hung up the helmet for good and has picked up a microphone, instead. I guess only time will tell.

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