The controversial wide receiver retired after a brief stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but might he return?

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Cole Beasley was a productive player in the NFL, especially for the Buffalo Bills. He was one of Josh Allen's favorite targets when he played here for 3 seasons, acting as a safety net. He set career highs for catches (82), touchdowns (6), and yards (967) in a season for the Bills.

He also was not without controversy to some. He refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine and was outspoken about it and the NFL's protocols about it. He also criticized Bills fans claiming they were booing him over his vaccine status. In all, he was fined around $100,000 for COVID violations by the league. (Wikipedia)

He also reportedly asked to be traded which lead to his release and said he wouldn't miss Buffalo (USA Today).

Not everyone dislikes Beasley, of course. He has many supporters of his stances and he was a very good player. So, might he be on his way back despite everything that has been said?

Some are wondering if it could happen. The Bills have had some offensive troubles as of late. Stefon Diggs is having an incredible season, but the rest of the Bills' receivers are inconsistent. The team brought back veteran receiver John Brown this weekend, who had a lot of success with QB Josh Allen. That makes fans also wonder about Beasley:

The truth is, Beasley made it very clear he was not interested in coming back to Buffalo, and Talbot made a good point in response to this:

Still, you never say never, especially in the NFL. Do you think the Bills should try to bring Cole Beasley Back?

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