There are 27 human emotions, and Bills games are always a roller coaster ride for the senses. Check off the list and see if you experienced all 27 human emotions during the Bills dismantling of the New York Jets.

I experienced ALL 27. Here’s how:

1. Admiration - A true gut reaction to how Coach Sean McDermott can clap through any situation

2. Adoration - See: Allen, Josh

3. Aesthetic appreciation - The white-on-white uniforms are, as the kids say, straight fire

4. Amusement - Over CBS thinking I’d actually watch ‘Ghosts’

5. Anger - At NFL Referees and their united refusal to call a pass interference penalty against any defender holding Stefon Diggs

6. Anxiety - Anxiety was checked off the list days before the game began!

7. Awe - At my dog’s ability to fart through an entire 3-hour football game

8. Awkwardness - Any time Phil Simms talked during pregame and halftime

9. Boredom - Extra point, commercial, kickoff, commercial, commercial, play, commercial - we all have to admit that the NFL is 90% boring as all get out

10. Calmness - For .02 seconds, when the Bills were up by 5 touchdowns, I experienced calmness

11. Confusion - Any time a flag was thrown during the game

12. Craving - This emotion was experienced constantly, but luckily we made a pan of nachos

13. Disgust - This emotion was experienced when I caught a glimpse of myself eating the nachos in the reflection of the TV on which I was watching the Bills game

14. Empathic pain - Seriously, how painful it must be to be a Jets fan

15. Entrancement - Got this one watching a slow-mo replay of Emmanuel Sanders running a route

16. Excitement - Isaiah McKenzie almost breaking a kick return for a TD

17. Fear - When they showed the standings and New England is only a half-game back

18. Horror - When I heard that a Bills player was injured and saw that it was Dion Dawkins

19. Interest - Based on the commercial, I’d sign up to see a Katherine O’Hara/Kevin Hart vehicle

20. Joy - The final score, duh

21. Nostalgia - If my dad was still with us, he would’ve loved this game. He’s in Florida though

22. Relief - The final score (I’m allowed to experience more than one emotion at a time!)

23. Romance - My wife offered to bring me more nachos

24. Sadness - When I saw that the nachos pan was almost empty but I was still hungry

25. Satisfaction - When they took away a TD from Stefon Diggs so he just scored another one

26. Sexual desire - Again, the nachos were sooooo good! It’s a mood-setter in my house

27. Surprise - Holy smokes! Matt Brieda scored!

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