It hasn't gone well for this former player and he showed his frustrations this past weekend.

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The Bills have been bringing back some former players recently;y, such as wide receiver "Smoke: John Brown. It's had some fans clamoring for the team to bring back other players as well,l though that's easier said than done in most cases.

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One player talked a lot about online is edge rusher Jerry Hughes. He was a good player for the Bills, who practically stole him from the Colts in a trade. He left the team as a free agent this offseason to join the Houston Texans, signing a 2-year contract. However, it looks like he may be regretting that decision.

In the Texans' game against the Miami Dolphins last Sunday, a 30 to 15 loss that saw the Dolphins go up big early, Hughes got very angry on the sidelines as seen below.

The Texans have one only 1 game this season.

It's understandable why Hughes went to the Texans. After all, he is from Houston originally. He is having a very good season with 8 sacks so far. Still, you have to wonder if he wishes he was part of a Super Bowl-caliber team in the Bills vs. one like the Texans.

Would you want Jerry Hughes back if it were possible?

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