Last night, the National Football League dropped the 2022 schedule on us.  Today, we take a look at how the Bills will fare over their 17 games this year, with cautious optimism.

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The Bills' schedule this year will take them on the road for over 13,000 miles of travel this year, feature five primetime games, plus a Turkey Day date with the Detroit Lions.

If you want to see all 17 games, you can peep the full schedule HERE.

So just how will the Bills do this season? Bleacher Report says they will finish 13-4.  ESPN says they will go 12-5.  Pro Football Network also likes them to finish at 12-5.

All very solid records, that should land the team a 3rd straight AFC East title.  But, we like Tailgate Beers' prediction just a bit more.  Who is 'Tailgate Beers' you ask?  Well, they aren't exactly football experts.  According to their Twitter profile, they are just a couple of mates drinking brews from Southern Ontario.

But, they put together their prediction of the Bills 2022 season, in a short-form video, and it is a MUST WATCH!

Their Week 3 South Park Dolphins take may just be a personal favorite. And NSYNC for the Bye Bye Bye week is brilliant.  I don't want to spoil the rest, so I'll let you check out the other 16 weeks for yourself.

I will say that they think the Bills are going to go 17-0.  Is it outlandish to think that the team will go 17-0 this year?  Sure. But when you watch this video, you can't help but be filled with optimism, laughter, and a feeling that we need to invite the Tailgate Bills mates to Orchard Park for a game or two this season.

Week 1 - @ Los Angeles Rams

Week 2 - vs. Tennessee Titans

Week 3 @ Miami Dolphins

Week 4 - @ Baltimore Ravens

Week 5 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 6 - @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 7 - Bye Week

Week 8 vs. Green Bay Packers

Week 9 @ New York Jets

Week 10 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Week 11 vs. Cleveland Browns

Week 12 - @ Detroit Lions

Week 13 @ New England Patriots

Week 14 vs. New York Jets

Week 15 vs. Miami Dolphins

Week 16 - @ Chicago Bears

Week 17 - @ Cincinnati Bengals

Week 18 vs. New England Patriots


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