The sports world knows that Bills Mafia is dedicated. This member took that dedication to the extreme.

Getting tattoos of one's favorite sports team isn't anything new. Some are tasteful while others are ridiculous. Bills Mafia is no different as there are thousands with tattoos celebrating their love for the Buffalo Bills. Just look on Google Images and you'll see. They come in all shapes and sizes.

One fan decided to go BIG. By big, we mean his entire back. His name is Fritz Sakran and, according to his Instagram page, 11 hours after he got this tattoo Josh Allen was named as the Madden NFL '24 cover. The tat itself is Josh Allen's number 17 on his back, along with Allen's autograph. He also has a Bills logo at the base of his neck. Check it out:

That's some amazing dedication. Fritz also says when the Bills get a Super Bowl win he will add that to his tattoo. I think it's safe to say everyone in Bills Mafia is hoping that happens.

What's the craziest tattoo would ever have done or have seen? For those in the Buffalo area looking for amazing artists to create their next tat, check out this list:

Western New York's Favorite Tattoo Artists For 2023

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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