The Buffalo Bills Quarterback was spotted with a well-known actress in New York City last night. Are they dating?

Josh Allen Recently Became Single

Allen was with his long-time girlfriend Brittany Williams until they broke up earlier this year. There were many rumors as to why they broke up, and Brittany appeared to throw a lot of shade at her ex, Josh, on Instagram stories, saying she is now taking husband applications.

Did they break up because Josh didn't want to tie the knot? Who knows. The rumors have run wild but ultimately they are no longer a couple.

Is Josh Allen Dating This Celebrity Actress?

Spotted yesterday in New York City, Allen was seen with actress Hailee Steinfeld.

The New York Post has several pictures, including one of Josh with his arm on her back, CLICK HERE. It certainly appears they are on a date.

Who is Hailee Steinfeld?

She gained fame from being in the recent remake of the film "True Grit" as well as the star of the Transformers spinoff "Bumblbee." She is also a recording artist who got a record deal after singing in the movie "Pitch Perfect 2." Allen is 27 years old, and Steinfeld is 26. She famously dated Irish singer Niall Horan, but they broke up in 2018. Steinfeld has been nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Is This a Good Match?

Time can only tell, but Steinfeld is certainly a well-respected actor and singer. She and Allen would make a major power couple and bring a lot of attention to Buffalo and the Bills. Not that it matters, because ultimately we should all just hope everyone ends up happy. Still, it's a juicy bit of gossip.  Do you like them dating?

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