The summer is going to be here before you know it and since the COVID pandemic began, there may be a few events that you missed because they were postponed or canceled in 2020. But even before the global pandemic, there were a few events, or things to do around Western New York, that faded away.

Being on the radio in Buffalo for the last 25 years has allowed me to be a part of so many cool things. My parents also took us to plenty of these great things every summer that would be so much fun if there was a way for them to come back in some sort of way.

I put together a list of six things that I think would be so cool to attend again. From motorcycle races at the Erie County Fair, to a great tractor pull in East Eden, this list would be a good start to some of the glory days of summers from Western New York's past!

6 WNY Events That Would Be A Hit If They Came Back

I grew up in East Aurora and remember the days when Wallenwein's Hotel has bowling alleys! They converted the alleys over to indoor horseshoe pits before eventually using that backroom space as added seating and a banquet area.

As the COVID restrictions change and things return to normal, hopefully we can attend some of the events we still have every summer like the Erie County Fair and tractor pulls!

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