It's a problem that we all can relate to.  From the days of flip phones, up to the latest generation of whatever is your smartphone of choice, we all get to that point where it's time to get a new one.

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It's kind of comforting to know that this just isn't an everyday problem for Western New Yorkers, it affects NFL All-Pro Wide Receivers as well.

Buffalo Bills' Wide Reciever Stefon Diggs has been nothing short of phenomenal since he arrived in Western New York. He has caught 130 passes, for 2,760 yards, and scored 18 TDs along the way.  That stellar performance netted him a four-year, $104 million dollar contract extension earlier this year that should ensure that he retires a Buffalo Bill.

But his $104 million dollar bankroll couldn't prevent the All-pro from having a common people problem.  His cell is on the fritz.

Diggs took to Twitter for a series of tweets earlier this week.  It stared at 7pm...

A problem that I can relate to.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten off of a plane, only to turn on my phone and have it give me a middle finger until it realizes where it is.

He already tried the old IT expert's advice...Shut it off, and turn it back on.  No Dice.

And then, he reached the point of no return.  Bills Mafia was quick to jump in on the conversation...

Whatever the problem is with his phone, it seems like it's that time in life where he has to come to the realization that we all do at some point.  It's time for Stefon Diggs to get a new phone.

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