As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, Fox Sports has provided a list of the Top Ten Super Bowl Blunders. And if you’re wondering, yes, Scott Norwood’s wide right kick in Super Bowl XXV did make the list. Although it’s been 20 years, I remember that day so clearly. I was sitting on the couch wearing my Super Bowl sweatshirt in awe that the Bills were just seconds away from possibly winning the Super Bowl. My dad stood to his feet. Nervous doesn’t begin to describe what he was feeling. A Bills’ fan since he was boy, my father had been waiting for that moment his whole life. Honestly, the thought of the Bills superstar kicker missing the field goal didn’t weigh heavy on my mind. To me, the game was in the bag. Finally, football fans across the country would give the Bills some respect. Then it happened. Wide right. At first I thought the kick was good, until I saw the referees shake their heads and cross their arms. To this day, the thought of that pigskin sailing past the goal post still feels like a punch in the gut. But enough about me and my sad story, here’s a list of  other teams that choked under the pressure.

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