I remember Scott Norwood missing the game winning field goal in Super Bowl XXV like it was yesterday. I was in college and my two roommates were die-hard Giants fans. When Norwood missed, all I heard was their screams of delight and the sound of my heart breaking.

The Buffalo offense was so good in that first Superbowl, but the team held the ball for less than 20 minutes and the defense couldn't get the Giants off the field. Bill Parcells used a Nickel defense against the Bills no-huddle attack and at one point the defense missed like 5 tackles on Mark Ingram (on Third and 13 no less).

 On the 20th Anniversary of Superbowl XXV, I have no problem watching the highlights, but to this day I have to turn it off once Norwood lines up for that 47 yard field goal. It still hurts too much. But  if you are a sadomasochist feel free to watch the highlights all the way through. Or do what I do, pretend the kick went right down the middle.

Feel free to add your own comments on what you remember. Think of it as group therapy.

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