Buffalo is considered 'The City of Good Neighbors' and we have proved it time and time again. Not only do we help each other locally, but we have also rallied to help causes nationally as well. Bills Mafia circling the wagons for opposing quarterbacks charitable foundations is a great demonstration of that.

However, as nice as we are, and as charitable as we can be, there are a few things that should NEVER, EVER be said to someone from this area. 

(Those needing a frame of reference, you can watch the first three to see why we are so sensitive. For those who lived through it and are gluttons for punishment, go for it).

WIDE RIGHT: It still hurts, like the first time you had your heartbroken. Sure we can laugh about it and shrug it off now, but down deep we all weep. 

NO GOAL: Just like wide right, it stings. But this one gets me more upset. Wide right was a total team effort. Collectively the team and coaching staff made wide right happen. No goal was based on poor officiating. The team did not decide the outcome, NHL officials did.

MUSIC CITY MIRACLE: Another Bills scenario and although it was not as heartbreaking as wide right, it is more infuriating because again, the officials decided the outcome. 

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS/TOM BRADY: I know friendships and marriages that have been dissolved because of the team and that player. 

TORONTO MAPLE LEAF FANS: Say those four words to a Western New Yorker and you will see their eyes roll ready to share a "Let me tell you about this one Leafs fan that..." story.

RANCH DRESSING: Great for a salad but if ordered with wings the follow-up from a Buffalonian will always be "WTF!?" 

So there you have it. If you are from here you can relate. If you plan on visiting or talking to someone from here, you may want to avoid any of the above to avoid any uncomfortable situations, especially uncontrollable wailing on the wide right front. 

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