Iron Island is the name given to Buffalo's East Side neighborhood surrounding the Lovejoy area because of the fact that it surrounded by railroad tracks. The Lovejoy area has a deep and rich tradition of being a proximately Italian American neighborhood.

My grandfather worked for the Amigone Funeral Home that is now The Iron Island Museum, which has been made famous because it is considered to be haunted.

Camillo's Sloan Market is a great deli with amazing cuts of meats and other Italian-influenced dishes and relishes.

The Spirit Of American-Italian Club, Inc. better known as The Big Timer's Club is a private club that focuses on the preservation of the history of, not only Italian Americans in this area, but the surrounding neighborhood.

And it looks like now the Lovejoy neighborhood is getting a new neighbor. STEP OUT BUFFALO reports that Iron Island Brewery is slated to open at 1223 Lovejoy Street.

The Iron Island Brewery is looking to have a tasting room, outdoor patio, and oh delicious frosty beverages. They are looking to create a premier destination in this area for people to visit and enjoy their in-house craft beers.

For me, local breweries are like money, ice, and people to know who has influence. You can never have too much of any of them.

So as the countdown starts, I will continue to raise a glass and toast all of the people keeping our mugs full of the foamy adult pop.


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