Most of us have had a nickname or in some cases, still have a nickname that family and friends call us by.

The thing about nicknames is you can't create your own nickname. A true nickname is made for you by someone else. Sometimes people enjoy their nickname and other times, well, not so much. It's usually meant to be enduring. Nicknames mean people have grown an appreciation.

Buffalo Sabres officially hired interim head coach Don Granato as their full-time head coach on Tuesday and it was great to see it, since the team clearly enjoys his coaching style and players like star defenseman Rasmus Dahlin played much better when Granato took over for former head coach Ralph Krueger in March.

Also, Granato might just have the best nickname in Sabres's definitely up there.

Donny Meatballs.

Donny Meatballs was a nickname for Granato that took off on social media this past spring and it looks like Granato doesn't have a problem with the nickname since the Sabres acknowledged it in their social media posts as news of his hiring became official.

There are literally spaghetti and meatballs on his desk in that video.

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I'm just waiting for the signs and jerseys to come out to the arena in the fall that plays off the nickname, "Donny Meatballs."

The NHL Expansion Draft will be on July 21st, while the first round of the NHL Entry Draft will take place on July 23rd. Jack Eichel's situation will also need to be resolved as well, so expect a busy offseason for the Sabres.

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